Virtual Staging



What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging enhances a premise in terms of visual representation to make it look more aesthetically appealing and increase its worth in the market. Buyers can get pumped after realizing all the prospects of space and endless possibilities to experiment. All thanks to visual stager in Los Angeles, CA. The whole purpose of virtual staging for real estate listings is to drive in more potential and affluent customers so that the sellers can get the most value for their properties and buyers can get the most value for their money. Sometimes, a place is more than it meets the eye. Digital or 3D home staging adds more perspective for the buyers to realize the entire magnitude of space and what they can do with it. Looking at a space with bare eyes can only create so much. Virtual house staging takes it up, justifying the real estate content portfolio. Only a few virtual staging companies in the market provide services that result in content worth looking at. A perfect virtual staged catalog requires a team of polished and trained professionals who know their way around the advanced, complex, constantly evolving 3D technology software that ultimately builds the catalog.



Which One Is Better? Traditional Or Virtual Home Staging?

As per the data on staging forums, it is a no-brainer to tell which option lures more prospects and generates more revenue. A property is what it is. No representation on earth could change the actual parameters of a space, be it – spaciousness, ventilation, wall color, or number of rooms. But the detailing counts and few renowned media companies also agree with it. According to them, staged houses are off the market 87% faster and add 17% more revenue than vacant houses or traditional walk-throughs. After getting familiar with the concept of staging real estate in Los Angeles, CA, it is now easier to tell which one is better and works in favor of both parties.


The Most Common Doubt About Virtual Staging

Since the virtual staging industry is still in its early days, it does not shock that many people have questions or unsettling thoughts. Like every new technology, it takes a little time for people to get accustomed to a change. The most common one is listed below:

Does Virtual Staging Make A House Look Artificial?

Not even slightly. The purpose of virtual staging software is not to add what is not there but to bring out the hidden and unrecognized parts of a property that bare eyes could not examine. At Home Pics360, sellers do not need to beat around the bush and wait to stumble upon a good pre-existing catalog format. We can curate and customize a virtual house staging as per the desire and requirement of the seller and ultimately withdraw more revenue from the property listing than the amount invested in the original purchase.