Drone Video & Aerial Photography for Real Estate

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Real estate agents know that to generate seller leads they must show the clearest and most flattering pictures of homes they can. Most real estate agents take photos with their smartphones. They then upload those photos to their websites. Potential home sellers see the photos, are impressed, and ask for a listing presentation.

The process works. But if everyone does the same thing, how can real estate agents stand out from the crowd?

Agents shouldn’t change a process that works. What should they do? Improve it by taking drone photographs and aerial photography. This will not only help you improve your real estate lead generation efforts, it will also help you to offer a unique selling point.

Generating leads isn’t the only reason to use drone video and aerial photography. Homes with aerial photography sell faster. Here are some statistics regarding drone video and aerial photography:

Drone video and aerial photography can help real estate agents sell more homes and create more seller listings. In the following post we will discuss Drone video and aerial photography’s benefits, pros and cons, and costs.

Benefits of Drone Videos & Aerial Real Estate Photography

Per Forbes, the rate of “household formation” for millennials is “finally rising with the rate of population growth”. This means that millennials are starting families. Like most families starting out, millennials want to purchase a home.

That’s great news for real estate agents. It also partly explains why aerial photography is so important for real estate agents. No other generation in U.S. history is as visual as millennials. Social media has a lot to do with this. So does the multiple ways they have to access media.

Visual customers like millennials require sellers like real estate agents to use the medium that gets their attention. That’s drone videos and aerial photography.

But millennials buying homes isn’t the lone benefit. See below for other reasons. They prove the true benefits of aerial photography for real estate agents.

  • Follows the trend – We went over this, but it bears repeating. If millennials are determining the housing markets’ future, real estate agents must live up to millennials’ expectations.
  • Best way to show property with scenic value – It’s hard to get an idea of how beautiful the surrounding forest is without an aerial view
  • Showcases an entire neighborhood – Even if you’re not selling a mansion, buyers might want to see the entire neighborhood. Restaurants, stores, schools, if they’re within walking distance, drone video and aerial photography can show that. You can also hire a company to provide aerial map photography for you.
  • Perspective is everything – If you wish to convey a specific, unique, perspective, still frame photographs from your iPhone won’t pull it off.
  • Better brand marketing leads to more lead generation – This is a huge reason to use drone photos. You must market your real estate agent brand with everything you do.
  • Aerial photographs are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest ready – Classic photos are overshared. That’s why unique things like aerial photography and drone videos have become the most shared on social media sites.

The cumulative effect? Real estate agents that use drone videos and photos sell homes quicker and generate more leads. Also, by using aerial photography and videos, real estate agents use the most effective marketing technique to the fastest growing home buyer demographic, millennials.

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Our Prices are very affordable.

  • Still drone photo – A single still drone photograph costs you $20 and package of 5 photos will cost $80.
  • Add On Photo – An add on photo to any of the photography package is free to $10.
  • Twilight drone photo – A single twilight photo cost $25 and package of 5 will cost $180
  • 1 minute drone video cost – A 1-minute drone video will cost you from $200.
  • 2-3 minutes drone video – A 2-3 minutes drone video will cost $500.

Is cost a drawback? Maybe. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider using a professional drone video service. No matter how much faith you have in your photography skills, professional services guarantee their work. Not only that, but they also are experts at flying drones and taking aerial photographs.

Real Estate Agents Must Incorporate Drone Videos & Real Estate Photography

Numbers don’t lie. Today’s home sellers want to work with real estate agents that use both drone aerial photography and videos to market their homes. The real estate agent that generates the most listings sells the most homes.

All real estate agents should take aerial photographs to both sell the home and generate leads. They should then use Home Value Leads Facebook marketing platform to increase lead generation. Real estate agents that integrate awesome aerial photographs into their HVL Facebook marketing are bound to see lead generation explode.

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