What is Matterport?

When it comes to digitally staging occupied or vacant real estate in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, you already think Designblendz; and now Matterport is our cutting edge approach to 3-dimensionally rendering your project. Our trusted team of design professionals use the Matterport Pro 3D camera system to easily capture, edit, & share your real-world location through a high quality capture and distribution process. From a vast array of viewpoints, this efficient and powerful tool creates a virtual perspective by digitally collecting measurements, then processing your data all for the single intent of creating your virtually-rendered space with extreme precision.

What It Offers

The innovative breakthrough Matterport system allows our 3DV (3-Dimensional Visualization) technicians to streamline the production process, collaborate, and create an easily marketable fabrication. With the camera’s HDR photography, the leading-edge system enables our trained Matterport specialist to scan up to 10,000 square feet per project meeting a wide variety of requirements in the area of digital property management and presents to you an innovative solution to marketing your now virtual commodity. Dimensionally accurate within 1%, the system offers first-person explorative layouts, spatially accurate schematic floor plans, and a 3rd person dollhouse showcasing.