Take Your Listings to New Heights with Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real Estate Aerial Photography

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As a real estate agent, you know the importance of eye-catching photos to attract buyer attention and make that emotional connection. Yet, in today’s competitive landscape of countless listing options, simply snapping a few lackluster smartphone shots doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to go above and beyond to stand out. 

That’s why Homepics 360 specializes in aerial real estate photography using state-of-the-art drones. Soaring high above properties, we capture striking birds-eye perspectives most buyers never get to see.


The Soaring Popularity of Drone Photography


Over the last decade, drones have revolutionized real estate photography. What was once a novelty has become a mainstream photography offering used by top agents and studios. 

Properties showcased with drone photography receive 68% more inquiries and sell 68% faster, according to data from listing portal Realeflow. Why the immense interest from buyers? Simple — aerial perspectives allow them to view the home and surrounding area in an exciting new way.

From sprawling rural acreage to downtown roof decks, drone photography provides a unique vantage point unmatched by traditional indoor shots. It builds intrigue and highlights scenic vistas that make an emotional impression on home shoppers browsing listings.

At Homepics 360, our real estate photography services leverage both camera drones and expert piloting to fully realize these “wow factor” shots for your listings.


Real Estate Aerial Photography  


Real Estate Aerial Photography Packages


Entry-Level Aerial Photo Package


● 5-10 high-quality drone photos 

● Covers home exterior from multiple angles

● Perfect bolt-on starting at $150


Premium Aerial Video & Photo Package 


● Property tour video up to 3 minutes

● 8-10 high-res still aerial photos

● Multiple vantage points of house and grounds

● Starting at $500 based on details


Our friendly team consults with every client to determine optimal shots that showcase the property. Are there beautiful mountain views? Vineyards? Water Frontage? Unique architecture details only visible from the sky? 


We pinpoint angles that capitalize on these selling features. The result is magazine-quality aerials ready to be proudly displayed across your digital and print listings.


Real Estate Photography Services That Stand Out


Of course, photography extends far beyond just aerial shots. At Homepics 360, our comprehensive site-to-listing real estate photography services elevate listings at every step:


Professional Photography Gear 

Advanced DSLR cameras, specialized lenses, lighting kits and more ensure the highest image quality.

Creative Interior & Exterior Shoots

Artfully composed, dramatically lit photos emphasize desirable layouts and designs. We know how to get the perfect shot!

Enhanced Editing & Touch Ups  

Post-production techniques digitally remove distractions so interiors shine.

3D Interactive Floor Plans

These cutting-edge digital renders allow online buyers to explore room dimensions at their own pace 24/7.

Virtual Staging 

Showcase empty rooms fully furnished with digital editing magic. 

When combined, these services form a 360-degree approach bringing out the very best aspects of your listings for buyers to admire from every angle — including up above!


Trust an Industry Leading Real Estate Photography Company


As full-time professional photographers, the Homepics 360 team brings years of technical expertise to executing incredible real estate imagery. But we never forget the art behind the science!

Creative talent combines state-of-the-art gear and rigorous quality control standards, elevating us among the area’s top real estate photography companies. Experience the difference with our premium photo shoots tailored to your property specs and goals.

Ready to unlock the immense marketing potential of aerial property perspectives? Let’s discuss incorporating next-level drone photography into your listings for greater exposure, faster sales and higher sale prices!