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Stellar Real Estate Photography

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, you need outstanding photos to sell your listings in today’s competitive market. With so many agents vying for buyers’ attention, creating an emotional connection through imagery is more vital than ever. 

At Homepics 360, our passion is capturing the full essence of each unique property through creative 360 real estate photography. We offer various real estate photography packages designed to showcase your listings at their magnificent best.

Unlike quick smartphone snapshots that miss critical details, our expert professional real estate photographer brings out dramatic angles and optimal lighting using the latest cameras and lenses. Advanced post-processing adds the finishing polish. 

The result? Gorgeous high-res photos that make an impression and translate to faster home sales and higher prices.


Real Estate Photography Packages Tailored to Your Needs


We understand that every listing differs regarding size, amenities, budget and goals. That’s why Homepics 360 offers tiered real estate photography packages to match your exact specifications and price point:


Stellar Real Estate Photography  


The Basics Photo Package


Our budget-friendly Basics captures all the essential interior living spaces and exterior shots and the process starts from $200 only. Perfect for sellers looking for a value option or agents on a tight marketing budget, options include:

● 20-30 high-res photos for 0 – 1500 square foot home

● 25-35 photos for 1501 – 3000 square foot home 

● 35-50 photos for 3001 – 5000 square foot home

● 50-60 photos for 5001 – 7000 square foot home

You can also add on specialized shoots like 3D Matterport Scans and aerial drone footage. With professional editing included, photos are delivered and ready to impress buyers within 48 hours!


The Everything Photo Package 


Leave no detail overlooked! Starting at $390, our premium Everything package is the ultimate one-stop photography option with:  

● Interior shots of all rooms 

● Exterior images capturing entire grounds

● Amenities like pools, patios and landscaping

● Interactive 3D Matterport Scan  

● Aerial drone photography

● Custom property website 

● Complete marketing photo kit

With the Everything package, you’ll receive approximately 35-70 high-res photos depending on square footage, plus all the bells and whistles today’s buyers expect. Showcase listings to their full potential and watch buyer leads pour in!


360 Real Estate Photography Goes the Extra Mile


Simply snapping a few uninspired shots won’t cut it anymore. Today, home buyers have endless listing options at their fingertips. Stand out from the competition with our 360-degree approach to compelling real estate photography:

Wide Angle & Dramatic Angles

Our state-of-the-art camera equipment lets us strategically compose wider shots, making rooms appear brighter and more spacious. We also showcase unique angles most amateur photographers would never think to utilize.

Advanced Editing & Touch Ups

Small post-production enhancements go a long way in enhancing visual appeal. We digitally remove clutter, straighten lines and adjust lighting imbalances. Rooms take on a magazine-worthy yet realistic sheen buyers love.  

Specialty Shooting 

From HDR imaging to virtual twilight shots, we leverage the latest photographic trends to showcase properties creatively. Add drone aerials, 3D scans, virtual staging and more based on your custom package.

Combined, these techniques enable our professional real estate photographer to consistently produce listing photos with a wow factor across all price points and property types.


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional 


With over ten years of experience photographing thousands of properties, I have mastered both the art and science behind compelling real estate imagery. Investing in a professional over DIY smartphone shots brings many advantages:

Advanced Equipment

The highest-quality cameras, lenses, lighting gear, and editing software produce superior results that amateur photography simply cannot replicate.

Artistic Eye

Knowing precise locations, angles and compositions that highlight striking architectural details comes with experience. I stage and style rooms for optimum visual impact.

Efficient Shoots 

As a full-time real estate photographer, I work quickly and carefully to minimize disruption. You’ll receive photos delivered as promised on rapid turnarounds.

Peak Presentation

Photographing real estate is both my passion and profession. I combine technical skills with artistic creativity to showcase the essence of spaces at their absolute best!

As the top-rated real estate photography studio in the region, Homepics 360 consistently delivers exceptional results that translate into happy clients. Our tailored packages and complete end-to-end photography services aim to meet and exceed expectations. Let’s experience how professional photography can take your listings to the next level today!